Chris Lowell, also known as Kikaider 01, is the handsome blue-eyed Caucasian-American android, who was built to defeat and fight off evil with Paul Walker.

Chris is Paul's "brother", the first android built by Dr. Komyoji in case of dire emergencies. Chris is solar-powered, and becomes weak in the dark. Unlike Paul, Chris has a complete conscience circuit which can sometimes bring more harm than good due to him being unable to harm the weak.

However, despite having a complete conscience circuit, Chris has shown free will. He plays a trumphet and rides a motorcycle and sidecar called the "Double Machine". While Chris is said to be twice as strong as Paul originally was (before his upgrade) and has a complete conscience circuit, he is less developed than Paul in every other capabilities such as eyesight, hearing and fighting styles. In terms of strength, Chris has well over 3,000,000 horsepower.


Chris is practical, down to earth with strong ideas about right and wrong. He is orderly, organized, systematic and controlled, and once committed -- he employs decisive and methodical steps to problems solving, without giving up easily.

Chris has great potential for success, but only after putting out effort and overcoming the limitations he so often encounters. Courageous and a true survivor, he is a builder and the foundation of any enterprise, and his hard work and practical values pay off to provide Chris with the rewards he seeks and deserves.

Chris works well with others, but it is important that he would have his own responsibility and well-defined task, because he performs better when his responsibilities are not overlapping with those of others.

Due to the rare discipline and perseverance that Chris possesses, not everyone can keep up with him, and he has to be careful not to be bossy and rude. He can be also rigid in his ideas and get stuck in convention or too quick in judging his fellow man.

Chris is an exceptionally good fighter. During his time practicing martial arts, while fighting Destructoids, Chris uses regular punches and kicks combined with dirty moves such as sometimes head-butting, and joint breaks to cause maximum damage. His fighting style has been described as a skill that can not be learned but only obtained by experience. Chris' experience and his ability to adapt allows him to beat multiple dangerous opponents.

As an android, Chris uses manipulative interrogation tactics that fooled Destructoids. When there was no evidence to use against Destructoids, he often planted evidence to incriminate them. Chris' ambition to make detective often forced him to excel as an undercover agent. He would resort to brute force when provoked, but was resourceful, often using his environment to his advantage.

Chris loves women. His amorous proclivities was being known as a "chivalrous ladies' man". Chris is known for his love of women. Harming women and children is a very good way to make Paul explode into a roaring mass of violent fury and have the stamina of a wild beast -- he will beat the man to a bloody mess to the best of his ability, non-stop. It should also be noted that while Paul cares about women, he cares deeply. He is willing to put women ahead of himself and will risk his own well-being to protect any woman. Ultimately, his deep love for women helps him understand that he doesn't have to leave behind a legacy to live a meaningful, love-filled life.

Chris is impulsive and hedonistic, but also personable and possesses street-smarts. He is a crazy, unpredictable, neurotic, loyal and chivalrous ladies' man who adores the kids. It’s worth noting that Chris almost never uses slangs to describe women. It's no surprise that Chris does quite well for himself with the ladies.

Abilities and Arsenal

  • Double Machine: The Double Machine is Kikaider 01's bike created by Dr. Komyoji as a mode of transportation. It's faster than the Side Machine, and can fly. As the name suggests it has a built in sidecar for passengers.
  • Rocket Boots: Like his younger brother, Chris is equipped with rockets in the soles of his feet that give him the power of flight.
  • 01 Net: When Chris presses the button on his buckle, it releases a net to catch people who are falling.
  • Tele Circuit: Used to see things that are far away.


  • 01 Cut: A single handed karate chop.
  • 01 Driver: Chris' signature attack. 01 raises his arms above his head and makes two fists, using his rocket boots to fly. He then spins around at high speed, creating centrifugal force knocking down enemies in his path and delivering a powerful double corkscrew punch to the target.
  • Blast End: Chris' version of his younger brother's attack, the Denji End. A variation of the attack is also used where 01 fires beams of energy from his hands to destroy the robot of the week. A weaker version of the attack is the Blast Attack. Another variant is the Blast End Flash where Chris uses 3 Blast Ends in rapid succession.
  • 01 Kick: A Kamen Rider-esque flying kick attack.
  • 01 Fire: Sparks of electricity shoot out from his fingers.
  • Blast Power: Powerful waves of energy shoot out from his hands.
  • 01 Cyclone: He spread his arms outwards and spun around creating a cyclone force to repel missile attacks.
  • 01 Reverse: Chris crosses his hands & a flash of energy will reverse brainwashing techniques.

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